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I signed up for etmooc.

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I’ve signed up for etmooc, starting in two days time.

Like all my best decisions, it seems to be spur of the moment, spontaneous, irresponsible, and unplanned, but is actually the result of months and months of obsessive research, anxious and fearful forethought, and procrastination resulting in a spontaneous, irresponsible and unplanned lurch towards action.

I come from a family of overplanners. Irresponsibility is about the only we actually get stuff done.

Top of my concerns list are time, and timing, neither of which I have much luxury with. I have a huge amount to achieve this year and little time in which to achieve it. I have limited resources, energy and opportunity, and they have to stretch further.

I have an increasingly selective memory and a decreasingly successful experience of sleep.

In short, the perfect moment to dip my toes in the self motivated world of moocery.

I’m greatly looking forwad to it.


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