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My take on the #whyopen community concept of open

Creative Commons Licence

Creative Commons License
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I put together a presentation based on the #whyopen survey responses. It’s a mindmap of the different ideas, with some embedded youtube videos, and clickable links to additional resources on the various ideas that people came up with. Click on the small icons to the right of the graph nodes, or bubbles, to open the resources in a new window.

Any suggestions are welcome, and if anyone wants editing privileges, just ask.


It’s also incomplete. But if open is one thing, it;s probably unfinished…





  1. I really, really like this. What a valuable resource. I guess what we could do is to add in some of the things people have said here in the course too, and have a nice resource at the end of the course to share with others. (She says, knowing full well she doesn’t have the time to do it right now.)

    But okay, editing privileges. Okay. Why not.

    Maybe I’ll go back over blog posts and try to put in some things that people have said in the course on the meaning of open that aren’t there already (if anything falls into that category)! I might ask for help finding good links, though, ok?

    • wiltwhatman says:

      I had planned to do just that – add in links to relevant posts from the hub, but that takes a lot of time – so a shared burden here would be good ( we could split the hub posts by date, and divvy upo the work? whatever works…)

      DM me with your preferred email – the editing invite comes over email.

  2. jeannettemelee says:

    This is a really great resource that showcases the range of open in different spheres. I like that you include education, science, governance, trade, technology, copyright, licenses. Thanks for putting it together.

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