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This is me


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My name is Keith, and I am a teacher. I am @wiltwhatman and I am eportfoliokeith here.

I live in rural Ireland, and I trained as an English language teacher (English as a Foreign Language).

I worked developing content for an online course for a year (for Kaplan Aspect Schools) and now I’m doing an MSc in Online and Distance Learning, and turning into a pedagogy geek. At the moment, I’m trying to broaden my teaching horizons and employment appeal, and am actively looking for other teaching areas to expand into. #etmooc is my first MOOC, and, judging by the experience so far, not my last.

I’m interested in almost everything, but right now I am interested in Laurillard, Conversational frameworks, translating my teaching practice from bricks and mortar to online, MOOCs, student motivation in distance learning and strategies for maximising it, and what works in the classroom.

Thanks for reading.



  1. Keith: I just read your post on MOOCs and sense of self and will write up my thoughts in response in the next couple of days. I appreciated very much your suggestions about creating structures of success for new learners in a course like etmooc. I am new to most of the technology, so it has been a challenge, though I’m having a good time trying some new things. My reason for posting here is because I’m curious about where you are situated in Ireland right now. I am currently on a sabbatical for the year from teaching sociology at a small rural university in Oregon, USA, and am planning a two-month trip to Ireland in April and May. I will be on the north east coast in april (Downpatrick), and then some time in Dublin and Cork in May. As this etmooc goes along, perhaps there will be some useful conversations that could be continued on in person, if the stars are in alignment. Thanks again for your thoughtful post.
    Rosemary @RosemaryFPowers onepulledthread.blogspot.com. (I set up this Blogger website today, as my other blog wasn’t working so well for the mooc posting)

    • wiltwhatman says:

      Hi Rosemary,

      I look forward to your post. I live rurally, and a community of peers with whom to dissect ideas and experiences is something I miss. I hope the challenge level continues to both reward and push – I’m having something of the same feeling myself.

      I live rurally, and am not in any of the areas you’ve listed (though if you are looking for recommendations of places to visit or see, please ask).

      I see from your blog that you are descended from Powers. A visit to the Powers distillery could be in order then, to toast your ancestors (the 12 year old Powers whiskey is quite excellent).

  2. Jodie R says:

    Hi Keith, I just commented on your post as well and had a peek at this page. I’ve discovered three things: 1. Not to address you as Wilt. 2. Your introductory cartoons reveal that you have a great sense of humour and creativity. 3. You appear to be a go to person when it comes to online design and I look forward to continuing that conversation with you and following your any posts you might make on this topic.

    • wiltwhatman says:

      Thanks Jodie,

      that’s so kind of you to say. One of the things I’m really getting from this MOOC is a sense of support and encouragement ( as well as the expertise, conversations, challenges and ideas), and your comment is a really warm and welcome example of all that.

      I look forward to the conversations as well.

  3. Ouch, you’re an EFL teacher? *back to the comment I just posted to check the grammar* 😛

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